A symbol of our Beautiful Life

05.07.15 : Personal

Last week, John and I celebrated our anniversary. It was one that had us laughing and shaking our heads at each other and asking “How is that possible?”.  On April 29th, John and I celebrated 20 years of marriage. Crazy right? Especially since we don’t feel much older than the kids that got married that day. My sister sent me a note that said “You’ve built a beautiful life together.” I love that. We have built this life together, brick by brick and stone by stone, and I love it so much.

I’ve been blessed with the most amazing husband and partner. John had said for many years that he wanted to get me a nicer diamond. (We were young we got married and didn’t have much money.) What I didn’t realize is that he had been saving for years to buy me my dream ring! He brought me to Tiffany. (I get giddy just saying that sentence!) I love Tiffany’s classic style, their amazing quality and top notch customer service. (It’s sort of my brand crush!) It was such a special experience.

I love my ring so much, not just because it’s beautiful. I love it because it’s the symbol of the beautiful life we’ve built together.






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